Former IRS Revenue  Officer  Chip Reeves shares his inside information and experience to make tax savings a reality.

Why Choose Tax Remedy Consulting?

You may already have been solicited by several marketing firms claiming they can do "magic" with your tax delinquency: "abate penalties and interest", "settle for pennies on the dollar" etc..

But guess what? You are most likely consulting with a commission sales telemarketer (called an "
opener") working in a "boiler room" operation who's role is to get you interested so he/she can pass you on to the real sales expert (the closer).  The whole scenario is scripted professionally with the sole intention of determining how much they can convince you to pay.  Of course, there are many reputable Tax Resolution firms and it is highly recommended you make the right choice or you may make a bad tax problem into a worse financial problem.  At Tax Remedy Consulting you will speak directly with a former IRS Revenue Officer (Chip Reeves) with over 30 years experience helping taxpayers. You will be represented by an Attorney (Richard Banta, Esquire) with over 25 years experience negotiating for delinquent taxpayers. It only makes sense to consult with Professionals who can assure you the privacy and expertise you deserve. 

Find out about the IRS FRESH START PROGRAM, PENALTY ABATEMENT and the OFFER IN COMPROMISE PROGRAMS. We can help you determine if you qualify. We will explain all the tax negotiation options that are available to you. Our initial phone or office consultation is free. 

Our fees are reasonable

Anna M

 These guys saved my life. The day I got home from vacation I opened up a letter from the IRS with the intent to seize my house and everything inside, EVERYTHING. I was in such panic I had paintings that were passed down to me from my grandmother from WWII and they would have taken those without losing any sleep. I called the company that day and they were able to stop the seizure. Thank you sooooo much I don't know what I would have done without you guys!

Jimmy F

I am very pleased with the work this company has done for me. I was nervous about getting scammed or cheated as so many people are when dealing in this area but I decided to give it a shot and back out if there were any red flags and the staff of this place immediately put me at ease. Very friendly, professional, timely, as well as budget-friendly. 

Randy R

I had a $160,000.00 tax debt. The IRS was trying to seize my house and my bank accounts, they were ruining my life to the point I told them to just take it an put me in JAIL. I must tell you this was a result of a tax professional that I trusted for 6 years. As A result, I was put in this situation. I called Tax Remedy consulting to my rescue. They helped me get the monkey off my back in a very quick manner, They are a Godsend thank you again.

Carin B

Oh my gosh, these people are so amazing! I was sooo embarrassed about owing the IRS money cause I'm a teller, and people really look down on you in my work if you don't have your stuff altogether, but I called them after I saw the great reviews on here and they were lifesavers! Thank you so much, everyone!!!

Aileen S

All I can Say Is WOW! I got a letter from the IRS and I did not have the money to pay them. I went online and found this company. I had no idea it was this easy and my bill was cut down to an affordable amount. I never write reviews but I felt I needed to for this company. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Austin W

Wonderful people to work with. My wife and I decided to give them a go after seeing the reviews on here as well and now we can plainly see why they got them in the first place. Very willing to help out in any way possible. Absolutely deserves 5 stars!



 Once we are retained for services we will immediately stop any pending wage and/or bank levies, and garnishments. Your assets, wages, bank accounts and accounts receivables will be protected from any future seizures while we are providing representation.



We will request and obtain all relative income and expense information to expedite the preparation of all delinquent tax returns. Compliance with IRS and State filing requirements is mandatory to achieve the successful resolution of tax matters.



 We will request and obtain all relative income and expense information to expedite the preparation of all delinquent tax returns. Compliance with IRS and/or State filing requirements is mandatory to achieve the successful resolution of tax matters.



  • Taxes: Personal, Business, and Corporate
  • Knowledgeable Local Sales Tax, VAT
  • Legally Required Corporate Documentation

 Get the tax consulting and tax services for you and/or your business needs from an Ex-IRS Revenue Officer and get the tax help you deserve! 



Former IRS Revenue Officer with over 30+ years experience helping taxpayers. 



 Attorney with over 25+ years experiences negotiating for delinquent taxpayers.  


Christine Collins

Offer in Compromise Specialist 

(Caseload Manager)

10+ years tax resolution experience  

Contact her at (720) 998-8787 with any questions.


Oana Bestea

Tax Preparation / Bookkeeping. 

15+ years Experience 

Contact her at (303) 357-5207 with any questions.

Wayne Jones


20+ years Tax Resolution Analyst

Office:  (303) 263-3970

Cell :  (303) 587-8967

Jereidi Rojas


Bilingual Consultant

Office: (303) 357-5207



15+ years Tax Resolution Analyst

Office: (561) 231-7299